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Brian Nankervis



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Q. Kurt Cobain took the title, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from a piece of graffiti, unaware that Teen Spirit was a brand of what? A. Deodorant

Q. Misheard lyrics: what should this lyric be, who sang it and in which song? "Throw down your buns, yo disco necklace. A. "Throw down your guns, don't be so reckless", Australian Crawl, "Reckless".

RocKwiz, the hit music trivia show that doesn't take itself too seriously, has left the Gershwin Room and found its way into print (and punters are celebrating). Jam-packed with questions to make you think, laugh and question your whereabouts in the early '80s, this book makes you marvel at the music world and all the characters it has spawned over the years.

Do you know what Bob Geldof was before he was a Boomtown Rat? Can you name the actor who appeared in the music video for Paul Simon's song, "You Can Call Me Al"? And was it the last plane or the last train out of Sydney in Cold Chisel's "Khe Sanh"? RocKwiz has the answers to these questions and countless others on rock, pop, country, jazz, funk, folk, grunge, metal and more.

Divided into rounds to make quizzing easier, the book includes questions from the show's different categories: Who can it be now?; Masterblaster; Local and/or general; and Furious five.

The book also includes some deemed too difficult for the average contestant, The too-hard basket - strictly for show-offs!

A bonus CD with Million-dollar riffs from the infamous RocKwiz Orkestra is tucked away for added entertainment. The book is two-colour throughout, is packed with photos from the show and is a must-have for trivia buffs, music boffins and anyone who likes a giggle.

ISBN: 9781740664554
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