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Geoff Ward

Romantic Literature: From 1790-1830

Romantic Literature: From 1790-1830

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This work is a combination of critical essays on understanding romantic poetry, prose and drama, as well as the contemporary historical background, with a complementary A-Z section of detailed entries.

There is an alphabetical section that includes references to, and bibliographies for major authors, plot summaries and critical discussions of principle works, glossaries of important literary terms, and supplementary theoretical background material.

A full chronology is also provided and there is comprehensive cross-referencing throughout the book.

It provides both thorough descriptions of, and contemporary critical approaches to, texts from Blake, Wordsworth and Coleridge, to Byron, Shelley, Keats and their inheritants. Other work by the author includes "Statutes of Liberty: the New York School of Poets", "Language, Poetry and the American Avant-Garde", and "House Breaking Apart in Slow Motion".

ISBN: 9780747512974
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