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Stephen Booth

Scared to Live

Scared to Live

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Ben Fry and Diane Cooper return in another psychological Peak District thriller from the acclaimed author of 'Blind to the Bones' and 'The Dead Place.'

It was an ordinary house fire with tragic consequences: a wife and two children dead. But then for DS Fry and DC Cooper, the ordinary always meant trouble.

Trouble like a grieving husband behaving as though his life is in danger. Trouble like a shocking assassination - of an old woman living alone in a quiet Peak District village. Her death suggests that even the most harmless people have cause to expect the unexpected.

But Fry and Cooper are certainly surprised to find a link between the two incidents, one that will take them halfway across Europe and back again in their search for the truth.

Along the way, they discover some of the reasons why people can be scared to live - and the connection at the heart of the enquiry that proves to be the most surprising revelation of all...

ISBN: 9780007172092
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