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Secrets of Healthy Sleep

Secrets of Healthy Sleep

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Get the rest you need for the life you want to lead

Erratic sleep patterns take their toll on our mental and physical wellbeing, making us tired and irritable and compromising our ability to live life to the full. Getting the right kind of sleep for our age and stage in life is every bit as important as a balanced diet and plenty of exercise - both of which play a part in helping us to sleep better.

This book provides insights into the 'science' of sleep and explains ways to ensure we get the rest we need and wake feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed. 

Key Points:

  • Sorts out fact from fiction with Ten Myths About Sleep
  • Explains how sleep, or the lack of it, affects our mental and physical wellbeing, and what to do about it
  • Includes questionnaires, easy-to-implement tips and strategies for getting a better night's sleep

There's advice for treating sleep disorders such as snoring, insomnia and sleep apnea, information on sleep-enhancing foods and strategies for coping with jet lag, stress and other sleep-depriving problems.

ISBN: 9781922085962
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