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Mari Rhydwen

Slow Travel

Slow Travel

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Leaving behind the security of a normal life is easier than you think, helped by the gravitational force of romance and adventure. Mari Rhydwen and her husband packed up their lives, bought a yacht and sailed the Indian Ocean for three years, setting out with no real experience in sailing. They just started at the beginning and followed their dream of heading into the sunset.

Their journey unfolds into one of discovery. It's about living on water, diving in the world's best reefs, eating the freshest sashimi ever, visiting places that don't make it into the travel guides and letting go of those potent markers of personal identity such as work and material possessions. It's about learning to sail, learning to be self-sufficient and almost learning to be brave. It's about being bored, exhausted and utterly terrified, and finding out that the good life is not always where we expect to find it.

Travelling slowly is not so much a way to get somewhere, it's a way of being.

ISBN: 9781741140682
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