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Condition: Excellent

Val McDermid

Still Life

Still Life

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'The bodies never stay buried forever...'

On a freezing winter morning, fishermen pull a body from the sea. It is quickly discovered that the dead man was the prime suspect in a decade-old investigation, when a prominent civil servant disappeared without trace. DCI Karen Pirie was the last detective to review the file and is drawn into a sinister world of betrayal and dark secrets.

But Karen is already grappling with another case, one with even more questions and fewer answers. A skeleton has been discovered in an abandoned campervan and all clues point to a killer who never faced justice - a killer who is still out there.

In her search for the truth, Karen uncovers a network of lies that has gone unchallenged for years. But lies and secrets can turn deadly when someone is determined to keep them hidden for good...

The number one bestseller and unrivalled queen of crime Val McDermid is back wVal McDermidith her most exhilarating, breath-taking thriller yet.

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Condition: Excellent
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408712290
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