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James Moloney



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Silvermay’s life has been spared, she once again has Tamlyn at her side and the attraction that has grown between them seems ready to bloom into love. Yet there is little time to savour their reunion.

They must rescue little Lucien from the clutches of Coyle Strongbow before the foul magic of the Wyrdborn turns him into the monster depicted in the mosaics of Nan Tocha.

First, though, they must see to Ryall who is near death and only Silvermay’s mother can save him. They return to Haywode where Ryall’s survival calls for a terrible price. It is here, too, that word comes of murder in the capital; Tamlyn’s mother is dead and there can be only one culprit.

Tamlyn becomes obsessed with revenge and amid such dark emotions, his Wyrdborn blood pushes aside the love he has shown for Silvermay. Worse still, he refuses to forsake his powers, should the chance come in the months ahead. Silvermay is devastated, for she knows that those who marry the Wyrdborn face a bleak and loveless fate.

Despite the rift between them, plans are made, and together they make a daring bid to free Lucien. It seems they have succeeded, until betrayal from the most unexpected quarter foils them and, suddenly, all that Silvermay loves is to be destroyed.

Without weapons or magic, can one girl turn back the killing hand and if she does, will she still want the man whom her heart won’t surrender.

ISBN: 9780732292041
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