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Condition: Excellent

Arwa El Masri

Tea with Arwa

Tea with Arwa

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Excellent condition

A memoir of family, faith and finding a home in Australia.

Born of Palestinian migrants, Arwa did not have a country that she could call home. Just before her ninth birthday, her parents came to Australia to give their daughters the greatest gift they could, the right of citizenship and a country that could call their own, a place they could belong.

It took a teenage Arwa time to find her way in her new country and to reconcile her Muslim faith with her life as a young woman in Australia. But she made friends and slowly Australia got under her skin and into her heart. When she was twenty-three and newly married, this Aussie girl who loved John Farnham and Vegemite decided to wear the veil.

Many assumed she did not speak English or that her husband had told her what to wear. Both were incorrect. For Arwa, it was a personal choice and about taking her faith to the next level. Through telling her story, Arwa demystifies the veil and shows the importance of belonging.

Condition: Excellent
Published: 2011
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780733627835
Size: x x
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