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The Best of One- and Two-color Graphics

The Best of One- and Two-color Graphics

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Graphic design using limited or single colours not only offers a less expensive alternative to costly four and five-colour printing but also offers a range of effects from sombre and elegant to edgy and bold.

One-colour and two-colour printing, although more common than four-colour printing, often carries with it a stigma of looking cheap compared to four-colour pieces. This book puts that myth to rest by showing how truly dynamic effects can be achieved with simple, inexpensive one- and two-colour design and printing.

Included is a 'colour finder' section designed to show readers a variety of colour combinations for various projects, such as logos, packaging, book jackets and posters. Each featured project is shown in thumbnail size in 15 to 20 different combinations.

This easy-to-follow and inspirational book confirms that beauty is found in simplicity, and is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in graphic design.

ISBN: 9781592533022
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