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The Book Lovers' Companion

The Book Lovers' Companion

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With so many fantastic books available to the book club member, it can often be difficult to pick out just one for the whole group to read and enjoy. And how to know what books are even available - where do you start?

Thankfully, The Book Lovers' Companion is here to help, bringing together a huge range of the best and most loved titles into one place, in one comprehensive guide.

Featuring a diverse selection of books to choose from, from "Pride and Prejudice" to the modern classics, the guide includes interesting discussion points and facts as well as potential companion books of similar themes, honest opinions from readers and razor-sharp reviews from critics, so you'll know you're making the right choice every time.

Compiled by a range of English literature experts and avid readers, The Book Lovers' Companion is sure to inspire any book lover.

ISBN: 9781843179603
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