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E W Swanton

The Essential E W Swanton: The 1980's Observed (1990) - SIGNED!

The Essential E W Swanton: The 1980's Observed (1990) - SIGNED!

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As one of the most eventful and, at times, controversial decades in cricket history ends, here is a fascinating anthology of the 1980's by the game's most senior and  authoritative writer

Drawn from a variety of sources, in particular the Daily Telegraph and the Cricketer, for whom E W Swanton has continued to write regularly despite retiring from full-time journalism in 1975, the various articles cover a remarkably wide spectrum of cricket both on and off the field, from Test cricket to club games.

Without the demanding routine of regular day-to-day coverage throughout the English
season and on tour in the winter, the author has been able to select his subjects from matters of major importance to more humble - and often events. It is this breadth of
more enjoyable content which gives the book much of its fascination and charm.

Certainly few of the major events and issues escape his notice and it is when writing about these that E W Swanton brings to bear the experience and incisiveness which are the fruits of his long career.

The book is brought to a peak at the end by the pieces from 1989 when he wrote regularly for the Daily Telegraph, including a commentary piece on each of the six England v Australia Test Matches

Mixing in with the articles on cricket are extracts from E. W. Swanton's diary which give
the book a delightfully personal flavour.

These, and the cricket contents reveal the author's particular sources of enjoyment but, most of all, The Essential E. W. Swanton reveals an enduring love of the game to which he has devoted so distinguished a career

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