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Ewan McEoin

The Field Guide to NSW Produce (Edition 01)

The Field Guide to NSW Produce (Edition 01)

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Comprehensive, thoroughly researched, beautifully designed, and with stunning commissioned photography and illustrations, this is an original, authentic and useful book – a must-have for anyone interested in regional produce, sustainable farming or transparency in the food system.

Produced after an 18-month research and development process which involved NSW top chefs, key producers and leading industry organisations. The book is a platform to allow people to deal directly with committed food artisans who are at times hard to find.

Written for chefs, restaurateurs, cooks, locally-minded consumers and serious culinary tourists, this book is thoroughly researched, independently written (featured businesses do not pay for inclusion) and openly celebrates quality, authenticity and provenance.

The book is independently produced; no one pays to be featured and therefore is broadly representative of the best growers and producers selected on their merits – quality, sustainability and provenance.

The NSW Field Guide enables anyone to explore the multitude (400+) of small family farms, artisan producers and providers across the length and breadth of the state. The intention is to create an inspirational and practical book that empowers consumers to uncover wonderful people out on the land, great produce and high-quality ingredients.

The Field Guide to New South Wales Produce (

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