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Melissa Monteiro

The Girl From Mumbai

The Girl From Mumbai

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The Girl From Mumbai is an inspiring migrant story of purpose, people and passion. It outlines an incredible journey in India and Australia in the community sector over the last thirty years. Discover more about her childhood and how she survived after being lost in the Narmada Valley. She has helped hundreds of families, numerous partnerships, collaborations, awards and achievements over the last three decades.

From Settlement Services in Australia to Child Protection, Women's issues, Adoption, Multicultural & migrant services to how Not For Profits are all working hard to be the first ones in trialling new "safe approaches" with their client groups hoping to catch the eye of their donor.

Melissa has successfully demonstrated her agility and depth of knowledge on issues as layered and complex as immigration. She has developed a deep and thorough understanding of what policy was needed and developed innovative services that wrapped around the recipients in a way that acknowledged them deeply. Her work obviously has been intensely collaborative evidenced by the broad coalition of organisations she is a part of and has connections with.

ISBN: 9781922597151
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