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Rod Marsh

The Inside Edge (1983)

The Inside Edge (1983)

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

When Rodney Marsh's best-selling THE GLOVES OF IRONY appeared, the great Australian wicketkeeper revealed himself not only as an ebullient character but as a shrewd and profound observer of the current scene in cricket.

This new book confirms him in that role, as he looks with a professional eye at Australia's most recent tour of Pakistan and at the Australian summer of 1982-83. Marsh tells of the intimate moments - the moments of crisis, exhilaration and despair that Test cricketers experience both on and off the field.

The disasters of Pakistan were followed by the ultimate joy of recapturing the Ashes against Bob Willis's side - the old enemy. Marsh, as always, is forthright and provocative in his approach to cricket's problems, whether analysing his own colleagues or his opponents or the wider issues of cricket politics.

He comments on the Australian Cricket Board, the relaid pitch at Melbourne, the continuing problem of South Africa, the sad crowd fracas at Perth, as well as passing uninhibited judgements on Australia's principal contemporary players.

The photographs and cartoons, as in Rodney Marsh's previous book, have been specially selected for their relevance and vivacity. They help to make this book the inside story.

In almost As New condition, this hardcover First Edition book is a treat for any cricket lover!

ISBN: 0701817771
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