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Di Morrissey

The Islands

The Islands

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It's the psychedelic 70s and social conventions are being challenged.

When Catherine Moreland from rural Australia goes on her first trip abroad, a handsome American naval officer sweeps her off her feet and she goes to live in beautiful, romantic Hawaii with her new husband. At first, the magic and loveliness of the islands lead Catherine to believe she is living in paradise.

She befriends Kiann'e, a traditional dancer; Eleanor, the owner of the legendary Palm Grove Hotel; Lester, a reclusive old surfer; and royal Beatrice, leading the fight to maintain Hawaii's heritage and culture.

However, as Catherine learns more about the islands, she begins to discover that paradise has a darker side.

And when she meets a mystery man of the sea, her life is turned upside down and changed forever.

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ISBN: 9781405038560
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