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Robert Drewe

The Local Wildlife

The Local Wildlife

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

Welcome to the Northern Rivers, where the 'local wildlife' can refer to more than just the exotic native fauna.

After a decade spent in this picturesque corner of Australia, home of chocolate-coated women, pythons in the ceiling, online Russian brides, deadly paralysis ticks, and the mysterious Mullumbimby Monster, Robert Drewe wiped the green zinc cream from his face and set down some of the unusual wildlife experiences that the far north coast of New South Wales - home of the world's greatest variety of ants - has to offer.

Drewe's trademark gentle wit, acute observational powers and mastery of the English language are all on display in this collection of sketches and anecdotes based on the quirkiness of daily life. His sharp eye for human foibles - including his own - is tempered with a generosity of spirit.

Tall tales from Australia's master of the short story - but this time these short, short stories are true.

ISBN: 9781926428482
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