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Steve Lewis, Chris Uhlmann

The Mandarin Code

The Mandarin Code

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Negotiating Chinese ambitions and American loyalties turns deadly for some

The second novel in the series that brought you Chinese spies, American bluster, and the deadly dance of Australian politics, long before there was fake news. The inspiration behind the major TV series SECRET CITY.

A body pulled from the murky waters of Lake Burley Griffin links Canberra, Beijing and Washington in a titanic struggle where war is just a mouse click away.

Veteran reporter Harry Dunkley is chasing the scoop of his career, hunting for his best friend's killer. Navigating treacherous political waters where a desperate minority government edges ever closer to disaster, he delves into a cyber world where there are no secrets.

Friendship and loyalty give way to betrayal and revenge as Dunkley stumbles into the sights of the mandarins who wield real power - and who'll stop at nothing to retain it.

Political insiders Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann bring biting wit and behind-the-headlines insights to this sharply observed novel about growing Chinese influence, waning American power, and Australia's inevitable - and deadly - pursuit of a trade deal, in this sequel to the bestselling THE MARMALADE FILES.

ISBN: 9780732294755
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