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Lliana Bird, Dr Jack Lewis

The Mice Who Sing For Sex

The Mice Who Sing For Sex

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

And Other Weird Tales from the World of Science

Lliana Bird and Dr Jack Lewis tackle the strange and surreal phenomena from the depths of the oceans to the limits of the far-flung universe; the dark corners of your laundry basket to the forgotten compartments of your fridge.

Packed with unusual facts and stories of the absurd each of the fascinating insights is told with the Geek Chic team's inimitable humour and wit.

An hilarious exploration all things bizarre from the world of science, The Mice Who Sing for Sex takes on weighty issues including heavy metal loving sharks, life-threatening skinny jeans, our impending jellyfish apocalypse and of course, the singing mice of the title.

ISBN: 9780751564679
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