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Robert Lohr

The Secrets of the Chess Machine

The Secrets of the Chess Machine

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Vienna 1770 - Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen unveils a strange and amazing invention, the Mechanical Turk, a sensational and unbeatable chess-playing automaton. But what the Habsburg court hails as the greatest innovation of the century is really nothing more than a brilliant illusion.

The chess machine is secretly operated from inside by the Italian dwarf Tibor, a God-fearing social outcast whose chess-playing abilities and diminutive size make him the perfect accomplice in this grand hoax.

But when a beautiful and seductive countess dies under mysterious circumstances in the presence of the automaton, the Mechanical Turk falls under a cloud of suspicion, and the machine and its inventor become the target of espionage, persecution and aristocratic intrigue.

From the leaden dungeons of Venice to the imperial court in Vienna, from the palaces of the Pressburg nobility to the alleyways of the Jewish quarter, The Secrets of the Chess Machine is the breathtaking historical adventure, based on a true story, of a legendary invention.

ISBN: 9780670916368
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