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Tom Keneally

The Tyrant's Novel

The Tyrant's Novel

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Second-Hand (Hardcover)

Excellent condition

An oil-rich country. A tyrant. A deadline to die for

Trapped behind barbed wire in an alien land, a man used to guarding his secrets is compelled to set the record straight. Imagine a country that was once a friend of the West becoming an enemy, its people isolated and savagely repressed by a tyrant known as The Great Uncle.

A celebrated writer and war hero has a better life than most until he is made an offer he can't refuse. He must write a great novel, portraying the tyrant as the people's saviour. This masterpiece must be completed in time for its international debut - or the writer and anyone he cares about will pay the ultimate price.

Stark, terrifying and utterly compelling, THE TYRANT'S NOVEL is a chilling glimpse of a fictional world that seems all too real.

ISBN: 9781864710717
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