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Beck McDowell

This Is Not a Drill

This Is Not a Drill

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The door swings open and a man walks in like he owns the place. He raises his fist.

Gripping a handgun.

Aimed directly at the teacher.

Emery finds it awkward as hell tutoring a bunch of grade-one kids with her ex-boyfriend. It's not easy for Jake either - he knows Emery thinks he's useless, especially after what he did to her. But when a boy's father turns up at school with a gun, a bad situation for Emery and Jake suddenly turns deadly.

The boy's father - a soldier home from Iraq - says he just wants to spend time with his kid. But resistance from the teacher has deadly consequences. The man isn't afraid of opening fire, even in front of the children.

And one way or another, he's not leaving without his son.

ISBN: 9781742973845
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