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Scott Kellogg & Stacy Pettigrew

Toolbox For Sustainable City Living

Toolbox For Sustainable City Living

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Slight creasing of front cover, otherwise excellent condition

With more than half the world's population now residing - and struggling to survive - in cities, we can no longer afford to think of sustainability as something that applies only to forests and fields. We need sustainable living right where so many of us are: in urban communities. But how do we do it? That's where "Toolbox for Sustainable City Living" comes in. In 2000 the dynamic Rhizome Collective transformed an abandoned warehouse in Austin, Texas, into a sustainability training centre.

Here, with their first book, Scott and Stacy, two of Rhizome's founders, provide city dwellers - those who have never foraged or gardened along with those who dumpster-dive and belong to CSAs - with step-by-step instructions for producing our own food, collecting water, managing waste, reclaiming land, and generating energy. With vibrant illustrations created by Juan Martinez of the Beehive Collective and descriptive text based on years of experimentation, Stacy and Scott explain how to build and grow with cheap, salvaged, and recycled materials.

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