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Kim Mckay, Jenny Bonnin

True Green

True Green

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100 tips from the Clean Up Australia team on how to protect the environment, live healthily and save money

You can save the world!

Global warming, greenhouse gases, climate change. Often the magnitude of the environmental challenges we face can leave us feeling powerless - but we're not. In True Green, Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin - who helped create Clean Up Australia - suggest 100 small ways in which you can make a big difference, at home, in the garden, at work or in your community.

For example: Put on a jumper instead of the heater - and lower carbon emissions. Switch off electrical appliances at the power point - and lower your energy consumption (and bills!)

Say no to plastic bags - and lower waste. Use recycled paper - and conserve forests. Reuse takeaway containers - and lower pollution. Practical, positive and easy to use, this essential reference shows how making simple changes in your everyday life can contribute to a healthier planet.

Don't just be true blue - be true green.

ISBN: 9780733315640
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