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Mark Roeder

Unnatural Selection: Why The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth

Unnatural Selection: Why The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth

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A bold new theory that throws Darwin's theory on its ear: it is no longer the survival of the fittest-the geeks shall inherit the earth.

Is Darwin's theory of evolution out of date? According to author Mark Roeder it is.

In Charles Darwin's view, only the fittest of the species - the alpha males and females survived and evolved. But these days the game has changed. You no longer need physical strength and strong genes to make it - in fact in our increasingly man-made sedentary and digital world, the traits which count are often the opposite of Darwin's checklist.

Think of the film 'the Social Network'. The central battle is between two opposing sides-one, the Winklevoss twins have classic alpha genes: they are attractive, tall, strong, Olympian rowers, good at school, moneyed. On the other side is nerdy, slightly autistic, physically weak Mark Zuckerberg. the twist in the tale is that it is Zuckerberg who triumphs-it is his ability to multi-task, to read the new currency, to bend the man-made systems to his will, which make him the victor.

Mark Roeder takes this example as the starting point of a bold new theory- that it will be the geeks who inherit the earth.

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