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James Delargy



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When you go looking for a new start, make sure you don't find a nightmare instead.

The Kane family, Lorcan, Naiyana and their young son, relocate from Perth to Kallayee, an abandoned mining town in the Great Victoria Desert to start over again, free from their chequered past.

The town seems like the perfect getaway: Peaceful. Quiet. Remote. Somewhere they won't be found.

But life in Kallayee isn't quite as straightforward as they hope. There are noises in the earth, mysterious shadows and tracks in the dust, as if the town is coming back to life.

But the family won't leave. No one can talk sense into them. And now, no one can talk to them at all. They've simply vanished. 

Now it's up to Detective Emmaline Taylor to find them... before it's too late.

ISBN: 9781398501270
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