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Janet Paisley

White Rose Rebel

White Rose Rebel

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The Female Braveheart

White Rose Rebel is the story of a couple torn apart and set against each other, finding themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield during the Jacobite Rebellion. Anne Farquharson is elated when the Jacobites rebel in 1745 and horrified when her husband joins the government army. She raises his clan against his wishes and, with her previous lover by her side, joins the rising to become its legendary 'Colonel Anne'.

Obsessively readable, pacy, lusty, rousing and richly imagined, the novel incorporates fascinating historical research on the extraordinary role played by women in 18th-century Scotland.

Paisley explores the grand themes of civil war, love and marital discord, loyalty and betrayal, women's rights and national identity with an unforgettable cast of characters and utterly captivating storytelling.

ISBN: 9780670917457
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