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Thomas Keneally

Woman of the Inner Sea (1993)

Woman of the Inner Sea (1993)

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Why would wealthy Kate Gaffney-Kozinsky flee her husband, lover, family, and society?

What can she find by losing herself in the bleak Australian outback? The fascinating answers shape a novel that gives new definition to a woman's strength and endurance.

Kate's odyssey takes her from a privileged girlhood, through her meaningless marriage to a lawless tycoon, and an empty erotic affair with a true-blue gentleman. But when her life of pampered pleasure gives way to one of unspeakable tragedy, all certainties are shattered, and Kate is plunged into a blind gamble on an unknown future in the middle of nowhere.

The job she finds, the lovers she takes, and her final confrontation with her husband's power and her own past self interweave comedy, irony, drama, suspense, and wondrously affirmative human revelation.

With its vivid setting, its cross-section of colourful characters, and, at its centre, its passionate heroine caught in a nightmare of grief and deception, Women of the Inner Sea is at once startlingly intimate and universally appealing. It adds a new dimension and fresh lustre to one of the major literary reputations of our time.

ISBN: 9780340584644
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