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Alex Gordon Smith

Writing Bestselling Children's Books

Writing Bestselling Children's Books

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Some people think that writing for kids is easy - short books, no big words, non-existent attention spans and then fill in any gaps with pictures.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Children are the harshest critics imaginable. Give a grown-up a copy of Ulysses to read and they'll pretend to like it just so they don't look stupid. Give a copy to a kid and they'll tell you straight up that it's no good.

Writing for children is much harder than writing for adults because it's all about catching their attention and keeping it - whether for five pages or five hundred. And being restricted by theme, vocabulary, length and a wandering attention span makes things infinitely more complicated.

But creating books for children is also one of the most rewarding activities any writer can experience. To kids, stories are everything - they fuel their imaginations and provide endless hours of entertainment.

ISBN: 9781905940073
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